NewsWorld'Rain' of euro notes prompts closure of German motorway

‘Rain’ of euro notes prompts closure of German motorway

German police were forced to partially close a motorway on Thursday morning as euro notes were billowing across the carriageway and creating a possible road hazard, Euronews reports

It said that A98 near Eimeldingen was temporarily closed while police collected the euro bank notes, which were of different denominations. A wallet was also found.

In a statement to Euronews, Freiburg police said it was unclear how the wallet made it to the autobahn, but that it was believed a driver may have forgotten they placed their wallet on the roof of their vehicle, before driving away. It caused the euro bills to “fly around” the highway, worrying one motorist, who called the police, that it could lead to accidents.

Police were unable to confirm how much money was found, or share a picture of the wallet, as it would be used to help identify and verify the owner, Euronews said.

However, “it was a large amount of money,” the statement added.

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