News Local 'Queens of Amathus' Cyprus premiere (trailer)

‘Queens of Amathus’ Cyprus premiere (trailer)

The documentary ‘Queens of Amathus’ explores the lives of 22 women who migrated from Cyprus and settled in Birmingham following three major events; World War II, the 1955-59 struggle against British colonial rule, and the 1974 Turkish invasion.

The film — which was awarded funding by the UK’s Heritage Lottery Fund — was screened at the Birmingham Film Festival in November where it received a warm welcome by audience and critics alike. In addition, one of its female protagonists, Xenia Karayiannis, was the subject of a BBC article.

The Cyprus premiere will take place at Pantheon Cinema, Nicosia on January 26, 2020 at 18:00.

The film revolves around three main characters, each representing an important event in the history of Cyprus. The women each share their personal journey describing how they overcame hardships they endured during these events.

Panicos Panayiotou — manager, producer and author of Queens of Amathus — stated that “it’s important to put on the international map the Cypriot women’s struggle, especially in the UK where you hear of other communities’ struggle against British rule, but never about the migration to the UK and the rest of the world that followed the Cyprus struggle.  We are planning to make our documentary known to the whole world, with scheduled openings in Cyprus, London, New York and Australia.”

All proceeds from the Cyprus screening of ‘Queen of Amathus’ will go towards the charitable causes of the LGK charity, who are also the producers of the film.

Where: Pantheon Cinema, 29 Diagoras Street, 1097 Nicosia, Cyprus

When: 26/01/20

Tickets: €8

Duration: 60’

Language: English and Greek with Greek and English subtitles respectively

Ticket presale: Sold Out Tickets

Facebook: Queens of Amathus

Watch the trailer:

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