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Pupils start company to sell eco cards with endemic plant seeds

Pupils from the GC School of Careers spoke to Phileleftheros about their idea to start a company that makes greeting cards from a mix of recycled paper embedded with seeds of flowers and herbs endemic to Cyprus.

The product was conceived and manufactured by students Demetris Kassianides, Christie Contou, Eve Patrikiou, Andreas Ioannou, Anna-Maria Vasiliade and Thomas Hadjimichael.

The pupils were aiming for a product that would promote the concepts of recycling and reuse and that would solve an existing problem, like wasted paper.

“We decided to promote the recycling and reuse of paper,” said Christie Contou, “so we got in touch with Cypriot companies that could provide us with paper intended for recycling.

“That paper is our raw material that we mash up with water and then place it into a mould that we made. At this stage, we add a thin layer of seeds of Cypriot flowers and herbs. We then put it in the sun and wait for four days until it dries.

“We then cut the seed-infused cardboard into the shape we want, stamp them with the company logo and add a note that the card can be planted. And that’s it! The cards can serve every occasion, from birthdays to work-related events, and the beauty of it is that the recipient can plant their card and when the flowers bloom they will be a constant reminder of the wishes,” the girl said.

Some of the flower and herb seeds added to the cards are daisies, poppies, pansies, lavender, basil, mint, and chamomile.

The cards are already a hit, with pupil Demetris Kassianides saying that the team works every Saturday for more than six hours to make the cards, and they are able to produce 200 – 300 cards at each sitting.

The children’s business will participate in the upcoming student commercial exhibition organised by Junior Achievement Cyprus.

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