NewsWorldProsecutor to investigate Nazi symbols in Greece-Estonia game

Prosecutor to investigate Nazi symbols in Greece-Estonia game

A Greek prosecutor is investigating the display of a Nazi symbol by home fans during a Greece’s match against Estonia in Athens in the UEFA Nations League.

The investigation by a prosecutor for racist violence was ordered Tuesday following a complaint by Greece’s Sports Minister Giorgos Vassiliadis.

Photos from Sunday’s match at the Athens Olympic Stadium showed a small group of Greek fans displaying a banner with a Nazi symbol and burning a Turkish flag in the stands.

The far-right fans also raised a Golden Dawn banner and sang nationalist chants against Albania and Serbia, as well as swore in song against PM Tsipras.

Vassiliadis said soccer officials should have removed the banner immediately. He said: “everything possible should be done to stop these people blackening the name of our country and of our national squad.”

Estonia won the game 1-0, thanks to an own-goal by AEK Athens defender, Vassilis Lambropoulos.

Right-wing extremism rose during Greece’s financial crisis, with the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party gaining parliamentary representation.


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