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Proposal to exclude middlemen from farmers’ markets

Middlemen are to be excluded from farmers’  markets under a draft law on popular (laiki) markets.

These markets have so far been under the responsibility of the Interior Ministry. The proposal will shift responsibility to the Agriculture Ministry and set out more specific criteria on who will be allowed to sell their products.

The idea is to benefit producers, by offering an opportunity to sell directly to consumers without intermediaries, but also to make products available to consumers at lower prices.

The bill defines a producer as the person who sells products that are exclusively or by majority produced by him/her.

It also provides for special designated areas for the sale of  produce from organic farming.

The products that can be sold at the farmers’ markets are fruit and vegetables, plants and flowers and processed products that are made by the seller, snails, honey and other bee products, eggs, wine, fish, processed animal products such as halloumi, made by the seller as well as organic produce.

Those interested in participating in the public consultation can send opinions or comments on the text of the bill to [email protected] The public consultation starts tomorrow and ends on September 27.

The draft bill will be posted throughout the public consultation on the ministry’s website on 
while Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis will present and discuss the bill at an open event at the Hellenic Bank headquarters in Nicosia at 11 am on September 27.


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