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Proposal on 1st phase of lifting restrictions to be finalised Monday


A proposal for the first phase of the lifting of movement restrictions and the kickstart of the economy will be finalised Monday by a ministerial committee, said Finance Minister Constantinos Petrides, speaking on CNA.

He noted that the committee will convene, consider all the facts, finalise the first phase of measures and present a comprehensive proposal to President Anastasiades on Tuesday, followed by cabinet decisions on Wednesday.

A technocrats committee, made up of various ministries representatives has been working intensively for the past few days, said Petrides, on the details of the proposal and will conclude its preparatory work over the weekend.

On Monday, Petrides added, the ministerial committee will finalise the content and submit to President Anastasiades on the next day.

Petrides underlined that the committee will be taking into account all the relevant data to be presented by the epidemiological team and the technocrats advising. The proposal, he said, will be considering all medical, scientific, financial and social facts and will not be making a judgment based on any of these factors separately.

He refuted many of the reports about the timing of the first phase of lifting restrictions and what it includes, adding that ‘many of the things being published are groundless’.

The ministerial committee is made up of the Finance, Health, Energy, Transport and Labour ministers and the deputy ministers of Tourism and Research and Digital Policy. It was set up earlier this month.

The advisory committee is chaired by a finance ministry representative, with other ministry representatives and health ministry epidemiologists taking part.

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