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Proposal for 17 relaxations on restrictions before cabinet



Cabinet meets on Wednesday morning to finalise decisions for phase three of the lockdown exit road map amid reports that ministers have before them a proposal for 17 relaxation measures over a 15 day period, starting on June 9.

According to Phileleftheros, the team of scientific advisors on the coronavirus are also proposing that phase four start earlier — on June 25  rather than July 14 as initially planned.

The experts’ proposal for phase three measures include the reopening of kindergartens, malls, airports, ports and gyms but any final decision rests with the Council of Ministers.

Specially as per the proposal of the experts submitted to President Nicos Anastasiades yesterday:

Phase 3:

From June 9, reopening of

  • malls
  • airports/airlines
  • ports/cruise ships,
  • catering establishments indoor service but taking into consideration their size and capacity depending on square metres
  • open air theatres and open air cinemas (restrictions on numbers depending on square metres)
  • sports competitions (no fans)
  • nurseries, kindergartens
  • gyms
  • children’s clubs
  • outdoor children’s play areas
  • all day and summer schools (reopening of canteen and kitchens provided food is served in closed containers. There must be supervision of children at canteens to ensure distancing)
  • summer schools
  • public swimming pools

From June 15:

  • Dance and other schools (eg kickboxing etc)
  • shooting competitions
  • Pilates studios
  • theme parks, water parks, luna parks

In all cases the scientific team will prepare protocols and guidelines for their safe operation.

Phase 4 — June 24

  • Restrictions on gatherings that sets a limit will be lifted on June 24 with the start of phase 4 however, there will be maximum of people based on the square metres.
  • Casino
  • Indoor children’s play areas

The reopening of indoor theatres and cinemas and the organisation of festivals and concerts is expected in early August.


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