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Private jet users on the rise

More and more people choose to travel on a private jet these days. It is a trend which appears to be on the rise, considering that data shows that over 58,000 travelers to and from Cyprus used private jets over the past five years.

Last year alone, the overall number of people who arrived to and left Cyprus on a private jet were over 13,000, INSIDER reported.

As expected, most private jets landed at the international airport of  Larnaca and much fewer at Paphos airport. INSIDER found out that private jet arrivals and departures at Larnaca airport are about 10 daily, but on an average these are limited to just three daily at Paphos airport.

The most popular destinations from which private jets arrive and fly to from Larnaca airport are Moscow, Tel Aviv, Beirut, Athens and Nice. Paphos airport attracts flights from Tel Aviv, Moscow, Kiev, St Petersburg and Budapest.

The number of private flights to and from Cyprus is about the same over the recent past years. Specifically, in 2018 a total of 4,772 private jet flights were recorded, 3,779 at Larnaca airport and 993 at Paphos airport.

By comparison, a total of 4,459 flights were recorded in 2014, 3,469 at Larnaca airport and 1,000 at Paphos airport. 2017 was the best year in terms of the number of private jet flights with the total at both airports exceeding 5,000 and reaching 5,072. Of them, 3,987 were to and from Larnaca Airport and 1,085 to and from Paphos airport.

More passengers

Even though the number of private jet flights to and from Cyprus is about the same, the number of people travelling to and from different destinations is certainly on the rise. 2018 was the best of the last five years, recording a total of 13,962 people arriving to and departing from Cyprus on private jets.

The corresponding number in 2014 was 10,679, with the upward trend primarily recorded at Larnaca airport. Paphos airport recorded a total of 2,458 private jet passengers in 2018 compared to 2,007 in 2014.

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