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Primary Schools not to reopen, secretariat staff warn

If the imbalances observed in matters of their employment status are not fixed then the new school year in Cyprus is not going to start, secretariat staff warned on Friday.

The threat was in a memorandum submitted before the House Education Committee and also said that if no solutions are found the some 300 auxiliary staff will firstly abstain from any duties.

Secondly, they will insist on having the complaint they submitted to the personal data protection commissioner regarding the leakage of personal data in primary schools be investigated.

And thirdly, they will denounce the Republic of Cyprus for non-implementation of the legislation on personal data protection but also for non-compliance with instructions for successive fixed-term contracts.

The issue has been ongoing for some time now with involved bodies asking the Ministries of Education and Finance to submit relevant credits in order to correct the observed problems.

However, nothing has been submitted as of yet with the Ministry of Education citing the pandemic for not doing so.

Commissioner for Personal Data Protection Irene Loizidou-Nikolaidou has also asked the Ministry of Education to make specific recommendations giving them a deadline until the end of July.

Source: Philenews

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