NewsLocalPresident's three pensions in 2019 totaled 80,115 euros

President’s three pensions in 2019 totaled 80,115 euros

President Nicos Anastasiades’ three pensions in 2019 totaled €80,115 while his net wealth that same year came to €250,987, according to his 2021 capital statement released on Monday.

As for the President’s overall cuts in 2019, these amounted to €119,472, Philenews also reported on Tuesday.

The 2021 capital statements of the President, government ministers, other senior state officials and the House President were all published on the parliament’s website.

According to his statement, Anastasiades’ earnings in 2020 were €249,619 while cuts totaled €118,734. In 2019, his net earnings were €131.515 compared to €130,886 in 2020.

The President also declared immovable property – a number of land plots and two apartments purchased in the 1980s – valued at €66,000. As well as deposits of €115,000 and cars worth €85,000. He currently holds no debt.

At the same time, the President owns shares in Hellenic Bank, Minerva Insurance, Agros Development Company, Woolworth, Apollon Football Club and Apoel Football Club.

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