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Presidential Palace crisis meeting to tackle irregular migration through buffer zone

Days only after Interior Minister Nicos Nouris warned that Cyprus was in a state of emergency as regards irregular migration a meeting at the Presidential Palace on Wednesday will target just that.

Apart from President Anastasiades and Nouris, participants are the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Finance, Transport, Labour, Justice and Defense. As well as the head of Police, of the National Guard and that of the Secret Service.

The agenda of the meeting has been classified as “top secret” and the Ministers were asked not to be accompanied by associates, Philenews also reported on Wednesday.

The irregular migrants mainly come through the buffer zone from the breakaway regime in the Turkish-held north of the island, Nouris has said.

The Minister has also said that since October 1, Cyprus on average received between 60 and 100 migrants daily through points at the Green Line.

And that all are coming from Turkey, either by plane from Istanbul or the Turkish southern coast by boat.

Last week, the government signed an agreement with an Israeli company for the installation of surveillance equipment along the buffer zone in a bid to stem the flow.

It has also installed a stretch of razor wire along the buffer zone outside Nicosia to stop people from crossing. Placing more obstacles along the divide is not ruled out.

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