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Possibilities of various models of lockdown on the table

All possibilities and scenarios are on the table regarding the new restrictive measures that will be announced. However pieces of information from the Presidential Palace have been unclear indicating the government’s difficult position since, on the one hand, it has to take into consideration the country’s economy and whether it can stand a new lockdown and on the other hand, the tolerance of the Health system and the health of the citizens.

According to information leaked until late last night by government sources, the economy does not permit a general lockdown which means simultaneous implementation of support plans. The fact that the state budget has not been approved yet, strengthens the possibility of a more relaxed lockdown.

However, after the President’s meeting with four Ministers, government sources did not exclude a general lockdown like the one of March with the only difference being that airports will remain open. Number 8998 will return and citizens will be able to use two sms for their movements. This will be implemented as of Sunday and will be in place until the end of January.

However, members of the Advisory Scientific Committee noted that two-three weeks of strict lockdown are not enough to improve the country’s epidemiological image.

The certain thing is that as of Sunday Cyprus will be back in quarantine but it is not certain which scenario will be adopted.

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