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Pop Up Brunch @ the Home for Cooperation

You love food. We love food. Welcome to the ‘Pop Up Brunch‘!

The Home Cafe announces the new series of ‘Pop Up Brunch’ on Saturdays.

Maria Markitani will be serving up the brunch at Home for Cooperation on June 1 and 8 at 10:30 am.


1. Overnight oats soaked in nut milks and peanut butter, with fruit, sunflower seeds and toasted hazelnuts (Vegan) ~5.50€ / 35.75TL

2. Toasted sourdough bread, butter, jam, Greek gruyere cheese ~ €4.50 / 29.25TL
~Choice of strawberry or homemade spiced quince jam

3. Fennel, beetroot, carrot, mixed leaves and fresh herbs salad,
with feta, avocado, radishes, spring onion, red grapefruit, and a citrus vinaigrette, topped with roasted almonds & sesame mix. Served with toasted bread ~ €7.50 / 48.65TL
add smoked salmon +€2 / 13TL add egg + €0.50 / 3.25TL
~Option to make it vegan

4. Sourdough grilled cheese sandwich with *pastrami, onion compote and mustard. Served with gherkins ~€7.50 / 48.65TL

5. Sourdough grilled cheese sandwich with homemade **kimchi ~ €6.50 / 42.25TL
~Kid friendly option available

~Chef’s suggestion: Pair the grilled cheese sandwiches (4 & 5) with an iced cold beer.

6. Slow-cooked egg, crispy potato, rosemary goat cheese, sautéed red onions & red peppers, charred spring onion, rosemary chili oil ~ €9 /58.50TL
add chorizo crumbs + €1 / 6.50TL

7. Slow-cooked eggs, tomato compote, golden halloumi,dried black olives, parsley, spring onion & chili oil, toasted bread ~ €9 / 58.50TL
add chorizo crumbs + €1 / 6.50TL

8. Pancake, spiced whipped cream, poached pear, strawberries, coffee caramel sauce, topped with roasted pistachios ~ €8.5 / 55.25TL
~ Kid friendly option available

~They source their handmade sourdough bread from a village in Cyprus~

*Pastrami: deli meat made from cured, smoked, and spiced beef

** Kimchi: fermented cabbage. A staple ingredient in Korean kitchens. It contains vitamins A, B, C and K. It is also loaded with vital minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium as well as healthy lactic acid bacteria.

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