NewsWorldPolish medics depart for Slovakia to help mass testing

Polish medics depart for Slovakia to help mass testing

A group of 200 Polish medics departed for neighbouring Slovakia on Friday (January 22) to help in a week-long testing campaign in the central European state aimed at taming the coronavirus epidemic.

Speaking at the Warsaw military airport Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said the aid given by the Polish medics was a neighbourly gesture also aimed at increasing safety at Polish borders.

Slovakia, with a population of 5.5 million has seen record numbers of new cases and hospitalisations since the turn of the year.

The Slovak government tightened a lockdown in the country and extended it till Feb. 7.

The lockdown, declared on New Year’s Eve until Jan. 24, includes a ban on visits between families, travel beyond one’s district or public church services.

All Slovaks are asked to get tested from Monday until Jan. 26. After that, only people with a negative result will be able to go to their workplace, the rest will have to stay home.

A negative test result will be also required for trips to the country or going to the post office. The tighter rules can be lifted earlier than Feb. 7 if the number of hospitalised patients drops below 2,500.


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