NewsLocalPolis Chrysochous: Cyclist injured by air gun pellet

Polis Chrysochous: Cyclist injured by air gun pellet

A German tourist was hit by an air gun pellet as he was out cycling in the Polis Chryochous area, the Cyprus News Agency reports.

It said that the 50 year old man was cycling on the road from the camp site to Polis Hospital when he heard a loud noise from a double cabin truck that was coming in the opposite direction and felt a sting in his left knee.

He went to hospital where doctors said he had been injured by an air gun pellet which was lodged in his leg.

He was taken by ambulance to Paphos Hospital where today he will undergo surgery to have the pellet removed.

Police are continuing investigations into the case and are trying to determine whether the man’s injury was accidental or deliberate.

A search is also underway to find the perpetrator. The cyclist told police there were two people in the truck.


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