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Police warns of new email scam

Police are warning the public against a new email scam.

According to philenews, authorities in the past days have received a large number of complaints by citizens who report that they have been affected by an email fraud.

Specifically, an email is sent to users, which claims that their account has been compromised and that criminals now have access to their personal data. The email requests affected users to transfer an amount of money in cryptocurrency to an e-wallet as ransom. If users fail to transfer the money, the email alleges that they will release the users’ data to other persons.

Police calls the public to not respond to the email and not pay the alleged ransom money it requests. Αffected users should change their email account password and are advised to install the latest malware protection software as well as the latest updates for their computer’s operating system.

For more information or complaints, citizens can contact the Office for Combatting Cybercrime at 22808200 or via

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