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Police to ramp up checks over weekend, drones and helicopters to be deployed

Police will be on high alert in the coming days, especially on Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday, to prevent violations of the lockdown decree, said the chief of police Kypros Michaelides.

Speaking to Alpha TV on Thursday, Michaelides said he has given instructions for ramped up checks, assuring that the force is fully prepared to face the challenges of the Easter period.

He said that drones and helicopters will be at the force’s disposal to monitor the road networks leading to the countryside, to keep an eye on potentially illegal movements by the public, adding that the traffic police from all districts will be also fully mobilised on the ground.

On the issue of traditional Easter bonfires (Lambradjia) on Holy Saturday — prohibited by decree — Michaelides said that an action plan has been devised in collaboration with the Fire Service and municipal and community councils, and called anew on parents to keep their children at home.

On information provided to police by the public concerning the intention by some communities to conduct home deliveries of the Holy Light, Michaelides said that several communities have already received warnings not to do so.

“I believe they will comply, but we will be on high alert just in case to deal with any incidents that may arise,” he said.

“We are optimistic that priests and senior members of the Church have understood the seriousness of the situation and will comply with measures,” Michaelides concluded.

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