News Local Police taking statements from all parties in verbal abuse incident

Police taking statements from all parties in verbal abuse incident

A Russian woman subjected to a stream of verbal abuse at a car park in Larnaca on Saturday night will give a statement to police within the day, philenews reports.

A video of the incident has gone viral on social media. It video shows her being insulted and abused by two Greek Cypriot women angered by the fact that she had taken a video and photographs of a minor collision they had been involved in at the car park.

Philenews said the two women have been located and will give a written statement. They have already given their version of the incident in a first, verbal statement to police.

Police are understood to be examining an offence under the law against racism. Police spokesman Christos Andreou told the Cyprus News Agency that no complaint has been filed but that police had launched an investigation on becoming aware of the video.

Police officers who saw the video early on Sunday morning contacted the police leadership which ordered an investigation.

The victim is understood to be a Russian woman, mother of three children and resident of Limassol.

She spotted a car hitting another vehicle in a car park and asked them to stop, also taking photographs and video of the damage so that police could investigate.

The Cypriot women denied they intended to leave the scene of the accident and started hurling obscenities and racial slurs at the woman.

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