News Local Police, ministry investigating mild injury of pupil by school bus

Police, ministry investigating mild injury of pupil by school bus

The Transport Ministry has ordered an investigation after a pupil sustained minor injuries when her school bag was caught in the door at the back of the bus after she had disembarked in Sotira.

The bus drove off slowly, ‘dragging’  her along for about 20 metres before another driver alerted the bus driver.

The incident is also being investigated by police.

Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos has given instructions for an investigation into the driver’s professional adequacy, the suitability of the bus and the conditions underwhich the accident occurred.

The ministry said that the daily conditions underwhich the children are transported by that specific bus will also be examined adding that its primary concern was the safe transportation of passengers and particularly of pupils in school buses.

Karousos has also contacted the pupil’s parents to find out how she was and how the accident occurred.

The incident was reported to police by the pupil’s parents. The 14 year old lives in Sotira and takes the bus daily to go to school in Dherynia.

According to the complaint filed, the bus had stopped so that the pupils could disembark. The girl, who was sitting at the back, got out last using the door at the back of the bus. However the driver shut the bus door, and her bag was caught.

The driver did not notice and drove away slowly, the girl with her bag still stuck in the door, following the bus for about 20 metres before the driver was alerted by the car behind him and stopped.

The girl was taken to hospital by her parents where she was treated for mild bruising on her legs.

A complaint was then filed with police.

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