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Patients in danger due to lack of specialization

Patients with brain vascular embolism are only treated once a week, patients with Familial Amyloidotic Polyneuropathy are waiting for months and do not get the specialized care they need, children with cerebral palsy have complications but are not sent to specialized centers abroad.

Marios Kouloumas, President of the Patients Support Association, admitted that the population of Cyprus is very small to have the necessary specialization for all rare cases but at the same time, he noted that it is unacceptable not to find ways to provide to the patients the care they need.

Marios Kouloumas added that even though he supports the National Health System, the Health Ministry has an obligation to provide to the Cypriot citizens the specialized services they need, when they need them. And this is a demand of the organized association.

Health Minister Hadjipantelas asked parents who have any complains about delayed services to contact his office and promised that they will have a reply in two days.

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