News Local Parties received €6.7 million as state funding in 2018

Parties received €6.7 million as state funding in 2018

In 2018, the state handed out €6.7 million as sponsorship to parliamentary parties, while the cost of parliamentary associates’ wages was €3,750,000, according to data made public by the Audit Office.

The data show that Disy received €1,916.629, Akel received €1,629.517, Diko received €970,731, Edek received €490,820, the Citizen’s Alliance received €480,894, the Solidarity Movement received €430,634, the Green Party received €410,498 and Elam received €341,300.

The youth wings of the parties also received state funds. Specifically, Nedisy received €85,928, Edon received €73,345, Nedik received €45,321, Edek’s youth received €24,491, the youth wing of the Citizen’s Alliance received €24,065, the youth wing of the Solidarity Movement received €22,135, the youth wing of the Green Party received €21,057 and the youth wing of Elam received €18,300.

Parties also shared €100,000 for education purposes.

An additional sponsorship of €2.5 million was given to parties in 2018. The amount is handed a year before an election year to help cover electoral campaigns, as was the case in 2017.

However after an agreement between the parties’ leaders and the Finance Minister, the amount has been added in the annual state funding towards parties, Phileleftheros reports.

In addition, the state spent €3,750,000 in 2018 on the 101 parliamentary associates wages.

According to the legislation, parliamentary parties are obligated to submit a financial statement to the House President showing how they spend the funding money.

The amount allocated for education is not subject to financial controls.

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