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Participation of companies in HRDA plans during complete or partial suspension of operations

The Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA), for the purpose of facilitating participation of companies included in the special plans for the complete and partial suspension of operations of the Ministry of Labor, Welfare has decided the following:

1. Subsidises businesses for the participation of their employees in training programs carried out in the framework of HRDA Plans during the period of complete or partial suspension of their operation, based on the Special Plans of MLWSI, regardless of whether or not these employees have been paid a salary in addition to the Special Unemployment Benefit, during this period, and, therefore, if a Human Development Fee has been paid corresponding to this additional amount,

2. Accepts the non-payment of minimum wage by employers to the participants in the framework of the HRDA Plans “Staffing Businesses with Higher Education Graduates” and “Training of the Long-term Unemployed in Businesses / Organizations” in cases where the employer has been included in the Special Plan for Partial Suspension of the Company’s Operation and the trainee continues to be fully employed and trained in the company. A basic precondition for this is that the sum of the gross salary paid by the employer to the trainee and the Special Unemployment Benefit received by the trainee through the Special Plan of MLWSI, corresponds to the minimum wage required by the HRDA Plans. It should be noted that, in these cases, only the gross salary paid by the employer to the trainees and conductors (where applicable) as well as the relevant mandatory employer contributions are taken into account as eligible expenditure for grant purposes,

3. Approves the extension of the duration of the program in the framework of the above two HRDA Plans, following the submission of a relevant request by the company, for a period equal to the period that the employer has joined one of the two Special Plans of MLWSI.

The above arrangements apply for the period starting from 16/03/2020 until any date the Special Plans of MLWSI are extended until.

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