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Parliament will vote down Brexit deal, former minister says; Labour calls for general election

The British parliament will vote down Prime Minister Theresa May’s possible Brexit so voters should be given a new referendum, May’s former education minister said on Monday.

Asked if there was any chance May’s plan could pass parliament, Justine Greening, who supported staying in the European Union, said “no”.

“I think it’s the worst of all worlds,” Greening told BBC radio. “It leaves us with less influence, less controls over the rules we have to follow and … less credibility as a country in the rest of the world as they would see that we would be prepared to go for a bad deal and we shouldn’t have to do that.”

She said parliament was likely to reject “no deal” at the same time as voting against May’s proposal, and that there should be another referendum with Britons given three options: May’s deal, leaving on World Trade Organization terms or remaining in the EU.

Calls for general election

Britain’s opposition Labour Party said that if Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal was voted down then it would push for a national election and also possibly another referendum, Brexit spokesman Keir Starmer said.

“At the moment the prime minister is a long way from home,” Starmer said when asked if Labour would vote down May’s deal.

“If the deal goes down then we’ll call for a general election,” he said. “If that doesn’t happen then all options must remain on the table and that includes the option of a public vote.”

When asked about calls for another referendum, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said in an interview broadcast on Sunday that the referendum had taken place and that it was now time to bring people together.

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