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Parimatch skyrockets in Cyprus

When somebody asks: “Which structure divisions are the most influential for the development of the company and its financial results?” the majority of leaders are more likely to answer: Sales, IT, and Marketing.

What about HR? It is true that not everyone immediately notices the meaning of Human Resources for the development and strengthening of business. Naturally, the HR team does not produce a direct impact on the business wellbeing, but it does it indirectly. How?

The HR team does much work from the inside, remaining behind the scenes, so to say. In fact, even the brightest ideas and the best business plans can fail without their support and supervision. It’s also because, without dedicated teams of talented people motivated in the right way and working in the right place, there is no business itself.

So, why HR staff is so critical for the agile company business development in the opinion of Parimatch?

The Human Resources is no longer focuses only on hiring and firing employees and making sure the company complies with the benefits and payroll.

In my opinion, it is more critical when the HR team can produce such conditions so that management can stay focused on their goals. The manager should share with the HR team the responsibility of everyday thinking whether his/her subordinates are satisfied, what the microclimate in the group is, etc. HR keeps it in focus and provides the necessary input to the manager if it is needful to pay attention to a specific employee at a particular point in time.

Another important thing is that they have to be focused on employee engagement in the meantime. Employee engagement can become one of the most significant workplace problems, indeed. And vice versa: an engaged employee can form a positive attitude towards the organisation and its values what makes him/her go above and beyond to contribute a lot more.

Employee engagement is not only about everyday activities, games, and other events. Employee engagement drives performance. Engaged employees look at the company as at the whole and understand its mission and purpose which helps to crystallise their use and meaning. Engaged employees clearly see their importance, which is the biggest motivation.

As a result, this will help the company to be more profitable and have higher customer satisfaction rating anyways.

Here, in Parimatch we had realised this fact a long time ago, and now we’re trying to do our best to grow our unique corporate culture where employees are engaged, devoted and feel that they drive the business up till nowadays. Each of them makes his/her impact on the company’s growth and receives something back in return.

The HR function, in this case, is a powerful engine of any business, a hidden power that encourages each employee and, thus, makes a considerable contribution to the business development on a daily basis.

No matter how HR is identified in the workplace: a personnel director, staff manager, recruiter, education service researcher, coach or business trainer. May his/her role in modern business expand? I bet it may when a strategic partnership comes into the front.

In business practice, such changes are possible under the two conditions: HR has the necessary competencies and is ready to take responsibility for large-scale actions, and the company executives are prepared to try a new approach and extend his/her powers. Parimatch is equipped with both, indeed.

Now, HR may be responsible for achieving a broader scope of real goals, up to meeting the ultimate company’s objectives, becoming the leader of changes, innovations, or setting up the development vectors. To put it simply, he/she may profoundly influence the business; increase its profits and the value through valuing and stimulating the company’s workforce adequately.

Parimatch HR team goes far beyond any convenient understanding of what HR usually is. When it comes to multinational global companies, which we are today, it matters. HR at Parimatch plays a vital role as a fair judge between the employees and the organization, contributes to the company’s reputation & promotion, as well as performs numerous administrative and organizational tasks no one really can, as good as no one else can do.

Besides, while native to the region, the HR team becomes essential during the employees’ relocation. All organisational issues like taxes, place to live, and medical insurance, etc. may only be addressed to a competent person, native to a particular region.

What’s more important is the fact that the HR team is always a go-between linking the top managers with the staff, which is the hardest part of any human relations. To delegate and solve thousands of constant issues for the employees so that they can end up well adapted and freely engage in the working process ASAP.

Parimatch today is a reliable employer who generously invests in human resources and creates comfortable working conditions due to well-adjusted HR teams here and there. Our HR department cultivates an employee-oriented culture inside our company. That is one of the vital reasons why Parimatch sees HR as a great tool to skyrocket the business and bring it to a brand new level, opening new horizons. Only think of that!

By Katerina Biloruska Head of Investor Relations, Parimatch






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