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Parents still protest Cabinet’s decision for children six and above to wear mask at school

A number of parents all across Cyprus still protest the government’s decision for children aged six and older to wear a face mask at school as of Monday. And to also undergo a weekly coronavirus test in a bid to curb the alarming spread of the virus.

Nonetheless, the decision for children to abstain from one teaching period on Monday morning taken last Friday by the Pancyprian confederation of parent associations has been put on ice – for now.

The message sent to the government is that decisive steps against the new measures will be taken after an emergency meeting of the confederation on Monday afternoon.

At the same time, the Education Ministry has already announced that schools will operate normally this week and health experts over the weekend expressed agreement with the new measures.

Over the weekend, organised parents protesting the new Covid-19 measures involving primary school pupils blocked the Rizoelia roundabout in Larnaca for around 90 minutes causig serious inconvenience.

Protests against the mask decision also took place in almost all other big cities in Cyprus.

Health authorities are sending out the message that the use of face masks is considered necessary to keep schools open.


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