NewsLocalPaphos police probing rape of 27-year-old tourist from Britain

Paphos police probing rape of 27-year-old tourist from Britain

A 27-year-old woman from Britain who is visiting Paphos as a tourist reported to the police that she was robbed and raped on Saturday night.

She told police that she and a friend had left a night club at Kato Paphos when they were approached by a car. The passengers offered to drive them to their hotel and they accepted.

On the way, she claims, they forced her friend to get out of the car, drove her to a remote spot and one of the passengers raped her.

Then they took her to her hotel before forcefully taking her bag and mobile phone.

Her male friend who had been with her, as well as another person, possibly a witness, have confirmed the story to the police.

The 27-year-old woman who appeared to be in a state of shock was transferred to Paphos Hospital where she was found to have bruises on various parts of her body.

Police are searching for the vehicle and the passengers.

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