News Local Paphos: Parents face charges over baby's death

Paphos: Parents face charges over baby’s death

Paphos criminal court on Tuesday set a hearing into the death of three month baby for April 18 amid indications that the parents intend to plead guilty to some of the charges, philenews reports

The baby died in February 2018 in hospital where it was taken in critical condition by the parents who said it had fallen from the couch.

When pathologists determined that the head injuries sustained by the infant were too extensive for a fall from a 70 centimetre high sofa, the father changed his argument and said he had dropped the baby as he was descending the stairs but was too scared to say so because he feared losing custody of his children.

The couple are from Romania and are  both aged 29. They have two other children who have been taken under the protection of child services and placed in foster care.

The father has been charged with manslaughter and causing death by reckless action and remains in custody in Nicosia Central Prison. The mother faces the charge of causing death by reckless action and has been released on bail.

Philenews said police have testimony of child abuse of the three children. A police officer told the court that the couple were physically abusive to the children and also left them without food for long periods, which is why they are under the care of Paphos’ social services.

The court heard that the mother had told police that she had asked to take the baby to the hospital but that he had refused because he feared they would be removed from his parental care.

In her statement, the mother reportedly also said in her statement that her husband was violent, aggressive and nervous, would shake the baby and throw it into the crib if it disturbed him when he was resting, philenews added.


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