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Paphos: Grievous bodily harm against 64-year-old

The Paphos CID is investigating a case of grievous bodily harm against a 64-year-old, the CNA reports.

According to the police, around 17:30 on Thursday a 64-year-old Greek-Cypriot from Paphos filed a complaint that he was attacked by a 68-year-old Greek-Cypriot who reportedly attacked him with a piece of wood fracturing a finger of his left hand.

He also told authorities that the 68-year-old threatened him.

An arrest warrant was then issued against the suspect who is now wanted by police.

According to the complainant, the reason he was attacked by the 68-year-old was that the 64-year-old was keeping a number of objects in the suspect’s land plot which he recently bought that he had not moved.

He mentioned that the suspect has been asking the complainant to move them but the latter had not done so and asked for more time which brought about the suspect’s reaction.

The Paphos CID is investigating.

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