NewsLocalPaphos: fines of €400 to €700 for breaking lockdown

Paphos: fines of €400 to €700 for breaking lockdown

Paphos district court handed down fines of between €400 and €700 on Tuesday to three people found guilty of violating the lockdown.

A 32 year old who was found walking in Paphos at 22:40 last night was fined €700 for breaking the decree.

A 22 year old was fined €500 who was driving a little after midnight today without permission. He was fined another €500 for weapons found in his car.

Finally, a 36 year old was fined €400 after he was found on April 17 at 21.40 in a house in Polis Chryshochous which is not his residence.

All three paid the fines on the spot and were released.

Meanwhile police today carried out 12,578 checks and booked 83 pedestrians and drivers for breaking the stay at home decree from 6 am to 6 pm on Tuesday.

They also checked 928 premises. None were booked.

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