InsiderBusinessOnly targeted expansion moves for McDonald's

Only targeted expansion moves for McDonald’s

Any new McDonald’s restaurants in Cyprus will be a targeted expansion move that will follow a carefully read market-study, according to Family Restaurants Andreou Co. Ltd Director General Renos Andreou.

Andreou, at the helm of the company which owns the famous fast food chain’s rights here in Cyprus, also told Insider Magazine in an interview that they are not willing to repeat mistakes made in other countries.

A lot of McDonald’s restaurants had to close down  because too much expansion turned them unprofitable, he said.

“Our moves are calculated and cautious. We will open more restaurant where and when we deem appropriate and essential,” he added.

As for plans to open a new MsDonald’s in coastal Larnaca,  at Dhekelia area, he said this move has been put off for 2020 following problems with permits from the competent authorities.

He also said that petroleum and gas tanks are still there, not removed as planned, and this certainly is a factor that delays overall development in the area.

“We hope that all obstacles will be overcome so as to open a new McDonald’s in that area by next year,” he said.

On the company’s general business model, Andreou said that what keeps them at the top is their strive for quality, fast service, cleanliness and prices that “every Cypriot and every foreigner can pay without feeling ‘cheated’. There are no secret recipes here, the company is a family business and we all give 100% of our abilities towards  achieving set goals.”

Andreou also said that they can see the trendy shift of consumers towards healthy eating, therefore their menu provides the option of food with lower calories.


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