News Local One arrest after police find 7.5 kilos of cannabis

One arrest after police find 7.5 kilos of cannabis



One person has been arrested in Larnaca after anti narcotics officers stopped a car for a check and found 7.5 kilos of cannabis.

Citing sources, the Cyprus News Agency reports that the man, aged 41, is also suspected of being involved in the import of 15 kilos of cannabis.

Police said that at around 6.35 on Wednesday afternoon, officers had stopped a car on the Larnaca – Dhekelia road. The car was driven by a 53 year old. With him was the 41 year old.

During a search of the car, police found a carton in the boot which contained seven sealed nylon containers with cannabis.

The two were arrested and taken to the police station where the 53 year old was released after nothing incriminating emerged against him. The 41 year old was detained and is expected to appear in court for a remand hearing today.

According to CNA the man is also suspected of involvement in another case which police are investigating concerning 15 kilos of cannabis which had arrived at Larnaca post office.

The anti narcotics police had found the drugs, confiscated it and arranged for a pick up. On the packet was a telephone contact number. That telephone was found in the possession of the 41 year old.

CNA said the suspect told police he had picked up the 7.5 kilos of cannabis from a Limassol courrier company and that he had been told by his associate in hi Greece to deliver it to a specific person on the Larnaca-Dhekelia road,

But he was stopped by police who found the carton with the cannabis.

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