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Occupancy of Reference Hospital reduced to 36%

Amalia Hadjiyianni, Scientific Director of the Famagusta and Larnaca hospitals, has said that the occupancy of the Famagusta General Hospital, that is operating as a Reference Hospital for Covid-19, has been reduced to 36%.

Hadjiyianni said that currently there are 27 patients at the Reference Hospital, including four in the Increased Care Unit. The youngest patient is 25 years old and the oldest is 63. The patients’ median age is 63 years.”

In reply to a relevant question, Hadjiyianni said that the good thing is that the flow of patients in the public hospitals is sparse and the number of patients that need to be intubated has been reduced. Also there is a small reduction in the treatment of patients in ICUs.

However, she assured that the hospital is in full readiness for any eventuality.

She noted that vaccinations in Vaccination Centers and walk-in units continue normally and the fact that recently young people have also died from Covid-19 has sensitized people.

She once again reiterated that vaccinated and non-vaccinated people must respect the protection measures and the health Protocols.

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