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No more fishing at Cavo Greco

By order of the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment, fishing in the Marine Protected Area of Cavo Greco is no longer allowed. Τhe Decree prohibits fishing in the marine areas defined as the “Nuclear” and “Neutral Zone” areas of the Natura 2000 Cavo Greco protected area. It should be noted that holders of a professional fishing permits for coastal fishing are exempt from the ban on fishing in the “Neutral Zone”.

At the same time, however, a golf course is planned within the Natura 2000 area of Cavo Greco, which has been designated as a Special Protection Area. An Environmental Impact Assessment Study has already been submitted and is expected to be reviewed shortly. The golf course is expected to cost about €12 million.

The decision of the Council of Ministers regarding the golf course, was taken before any Assessment Studies were reviewed and before any planning and building permits were granted. Consequently, the fact that the golf course is presented as a ‘fait accompli’ appears to be causing pressure on the competent authorities to accept the proposed project, despite the serious, negative and irreversible effects that it may bring about.

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