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No local lockdown required in Limassol as of yet

The Covid-19 cases detected in Limassol have caused concern to the scientific team of the Ministry of Health.

But it is not worrisome just yet, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Infection Prevention and Control at the European University, and specialist with training in infection control Constantinos Tsioutis, told CNA.

He also reminded the public that the virus had never left the community to begin with.

Tsioutis said that the scientists would be worried if there was a sudden increase in the cases noting that if for every batch of one thousand samples, five cases were detected, then there would have to be stricter interventions.

Replying to questions, Tsioutis said the problem in Limassol does not justify a local lockdown, adding that there are other measures that should be implemented first.

Source: Philenews/CNA

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