In the small, graphic plaza placed at the centre of the village, you can relax in the 3 little coffee-houses that operate for several years now. The hospitality, which the village’s inhabitants will unsparingly offer, shall forever remain engraved in your memory.

A journey down the Diarizos river will give you the chance to admire the unique nature of Cyprus, observing the various birds and reptiles. The whole landscape becomes even more beautiful with the various trees placed at the river’s banks.

The surrounding mountains and the colour of the sky provide an enchanting view to the whole scenery that you will find hard to forget.


The Watermill of Nikoklia is located somewhere between the central square and the church of Agios Demetrios.

The watermill or flourmill, as it is also known, used to grind cereal, mainly the wheat and barley produced by the residents of the community and the residents of neighbouring communities.

The villagers would go to the watermill with donkeys loaded with cereal and they would then return home with flour and brans, meaning the seeds of ground cereal which were used as animal feed.

The Watermill of Nikoklia consisted of a small stony single-room building housing a mill which was powered by the water it pumped from the “Diarizos” river.

The mill consisted of millstones – large stones – which used to be placed on top of each other, while placed above them was a wooden funnel through which the wheat would reach the millstones. With the help of the fan, the millstones would rotate in order to grind. The fan was set on as the mill water channel guided the water from the river towards the fan with great power.

The Dam of Asprokremmos is part of the village.

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