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Nicosia project faces 4-month delay

The regeneration of Stasikratous Street and its surrounding streets is being delayed by four months even though workers are ahead of schedule, yet the roads are not in a condition of being used because they are full of holes and there is still no lighting for the safety of its users.

The holes will be covered with caps which are expected to be delivered from abroad, while some of the holes will be filled with trees which which are also expected from abroad.

The Municipality of Nicosia is currently negotiating the timetable for partial delivery of the project with the contractor. The non completion of the project was discussed before the Parliamentary Committee of the Interior yesterday and the Nicosia mayor reported that the contract contained provisions for partial delivery of the project, but the municipality did not know how to use them adequately.

President of the Committee, Eleni Mavrou, expressed her surprise at the fact that even though that were partial delivery provisions in the contract (something that could open up some of the areas for consumers) they were not implemented. “We have come to an agreement with the Central Committee for Changes and Requirements and the contractor and the timetable for the partial delivery is pending,” said Nicosia Mayor, Konstantinos Yorkatzis. The issue will be discussed with representatives of the Auditor General and State Accounting Office on Wednesday (tomorrow), he added.

Asked by Mavrou about the “reasons for delays”, he explained that it was due to the rain, to which the President of the Committee commented: “If anyone in Germany or Austria or Norway or other countries where it reains consistently hears that in Cyprus there are projects that are delayed for four months due to rain, they will laugh at us. ” At the same time, she criticised the municipality for not including delays and partial deleivery of the project in its negotiations.

DISY MP, Nikos Nouris, raised the issue of including the execuation of work shifts on a 24 hirs basis for projects of paramount importance so that shopkeepers would not be harmed. In Cyprus, where summer nights begin at 9pm, it is unacceptable that construction sites close at 4pm, he said.

The president of the Comittee also indicated that, according to the timetable, works would have been completed before Christmas, but to the disappointment of many, the target is not being met.


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