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Nicosia municipality waste clean-up campaign

The city council of Nicosia announced the dates for its second clean-up campaign for 2019.

It said that the campaign started on May 13 and will end on July 17.

During the dates, the council cleans drains and other public spaces within the municipal limits of Nicosia.

Residents are asked to place items they want to be picked up outside their homes two days before the collection dates.

They are asked to place them in different bags, separating:

  • Grass and garden waste
  • Electrical / electronic equipment
  • Big unwanted items such as mattresses, old furniture
  • Mixed waste

The items should be placed outside homes in a way which does not interfere with the movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

The campaign dates:

Ayios Andreas (1): May 13-17

Ayios Andreas (2): May 20-24

Ayios Andreas (3): May 27-31

Trypiotis (1): June 18-21

Trypiotis (2): June 24-28

Ayios Omologites (1): May 13-22

Ayios Omologites (2): May 23-31

Ayios Omologites (3): June 3-21

Ayios Omologites (4): June 24-July 2

Ayios Antonios (1):  July 10-17

Ayios Antonios (2): July 3-9

Pallouriotissa (1): July 1-17

Pallouriotissa (2): June 18-28

Pallouriotissa (3): May 30-June 14

Pallouriotissa (4): May 13-29

Nicosia within the Walls (1): June 3-7

Nicosia within the Walls (2): June 10-14

Ayios Constantinos and Eleni (1): July 1-5

Ayios Constantinos and Eleni (2): July 8-17

Kaimakli (1): June 3-11

Kaimakli (2): June 18-24

Kaimakli (3): June 25-July 2

Kaimakli (4): May 13-28

Kaimakli (5): July 3-12

Taht-el-kale: July 15-17

Yeni Mosque: May 31

Omorphita:  May 29-31

The council also asks all registered owners of uninhabited premises and open private spaces to ensure their cleanliness within the predetermined time period as stated in letters sent to them.

If owners do not comply, the municipality will proceed with the cleaning and removal of wild vegetation and rubbish and will charge the owners.

For a regular plot of land, the charge is €85. Charges vary according to the working hours needed.

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