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Nicosia mayor announces Makarios Ave revamp


With the Stasikratous roadworks over, Nicosia Municipality is moving on to part two of the Makariou-Stasikratous-Evagorou revamp. This concerns the section of Makarios Avenue from the lights with Spyros Kyprianou Avenue to the lights with Evagorou Avenue.

It also covers Anastasios G Leventis street, sections of Stasandrou and Aphrodite streets, Arnaldas, Ayias Elenis, G Xenopoulou, Boumboulina, Iras and Anna Komnisis as far as the junction with Stasandrou.

The budget is €11.680 m plus VAT and construction will take about 26 months with work being carried out in sections so as to minimise inconvenience to the public.

Work will start on Monday and will focus on the section from the traffic lights with Spyros Kyprianou avenue to the traffic lights with Aphrodite /Stasandrou streets. This section will take 13 months.

Nicosia mayor Constantinos  Yiorkadjis said that Nicosia’s shopping centre has been dying a slow death for many years. “Unplanned decentralisation has turned it from a centre which catered for nearly the entire population of the district into a down graded, local commercial centre. We cannot turn back time nor ignore today’s reality of large malls in the suburbs,” he said.

The municipality had therefore decided on a radical upgrade of the area so that it can compete by making it more attractive.

The first phase of the project involved Stasikratous and neighbouring streets and the feedback is encouraging with interest being expressed to open new shops, the mayor said.

The aim is to increase access to pedestrians and the disabled with large pavements and by eliminating different levels between private and public pavements and the road. The revamped area aspires to be attractive and functional, with small squares for outdoor activities, fountains, shade offered by a number of mature trees and will serve as an outdoor shopping centre.

– there will be two bus lanes on Makarios and A.G. Leventis streets, one for each direction

— the traffic arrangements will be such so that supply vehicles will need to drive slowly and give priority to pedestrians and cyclists

— provision will be made should a decision be taken to introduce trams

The project is co-financed by EU funds, the state budget and the municipality.


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