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Nicosia disagrees with possible suspension of Turkey’s EU accession negotiations

Nicosia has expressed its disagreement with a suggested suspension of Turkey’s EU accession negotiations.

Government Spokesman, Prodromos Prodromou, said on Friday that “the accession dialogue must not be substituted with an upgraded, enhanced of enlarged customs union of Turkey with the EU, bearing in mind the fact Turkey that has not appropriately implemented even the initial customs union.”

Invited to comment on the fact that European Parliament rapporteur Kati Piri calls on the Commission and the member states to formally suspend the accession negotiations with Turkey in her draft report on Turkey`s accession progress, Prodromou said that Piri’s report includes important references while taking stock of the situation in a just and objective way.

At the same time, he pointed out that due to the developments in Turkey, signals are sent out by the European political scene about a possible suspension of Turkey’s accession course, stressing that the Cyprus government does not agree with this approach.

Prodromou said that the Foreign Ministry and the Foreign Minister himself are dealing with this issue.

Asked if Nicosia is concerned that the rhetoric within the EU in favour of the suspension of Turkey’s EU accession course may affect the Cyprus problem and toughen Ankara’s position on Cyprus, the Spokesman said “it would be positive if these messages pass into Turkey, not as threats or retaliation, but in order to make it think about the relations which it should develop both with the EU and our region.”

He went on to say that in this framework the cooperation which the Republic of Cyprus develops with neighbouring states and other partners and allies as the US and EU member states, forging trilateral cooperation schemes, with respect to the international law, gives the message that Turkey must also cooperate and not try to impose its own views and solutions.

Responding to a question about the trilateral cooperation schemes in which Cyprus participates, Prodromou said that a Trilateral Summit among Cyprus, Greece and Israel is scheduled to take place in December in Israel.

Moreover, he noted that there are positive messages as regards the establishment of new trilateral cooperation schemes, and that there is interest in expanding this cooperation with other states, forging multilateral cooperation schemes as well.

(Cyprus News Agency)

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