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Youth to protest against Climate Change on Friday

Youth in Cyprus will gather outside the House of Representatives on Friday to demand action over climate change.

Similar events are planned in another 110+ countries from around the globe.

Organisers say climate change is no longer a future threat; its effects have been experienced this summer.

“We are protesting for our survival. For our basic needs of fresh air and clean water. We are protesting to demand immediate action, proportional to the size of the climate crisis, in order to mitigate its catastrophic impact and sustain a liveable planet for future generations. The rise in greenhouse gas emissions and constant deforestation are causing this immense catastrophe: climate change”. The announcement reads.

The Energy Action Plan 2021-2030 is highly inadequate reducing reliance on fossil fuel and increasing renewable energy use as is not even close to meeting the reports of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) or  the European Union’s specified objectives for Cyprus.

Not only will this be insufficient o combat climate change, but it will also lead to immense fines being issued on Cyprus by the European Union, which, the citizens of this country will have to pay for, due to the government’s inability to create an effective and efficient Action Plan.

“This is the reason for our march to the Ministry of Energy, to demand the alignment of our country’s Energy Action Plan 2021-2030, with the objectives of the EU and the scientific facts in the reports of the IPCC,”the organisers said.

Finally it is noted that the Ministry of Education has informed the head teachers of all secondary education institutions’ (gymnasiums, lyceums and technical schools) that pupils who hand in a signed consent form from their parent/guardian and participate in the protest will not be registered as being absent.

Any attempt from any pupil to use the protest as an excuse to miss school and not attend, will not be tolerated, it added.

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