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Youth to hold third protest to demand action on climate change

Young people in Cypriot will protest outside the Presidential Palace later on Friday to demand the Republic of Cyprus to call for urgent action on global climate change.

The protest, organised by Youth for Climate Cyprus, is being held at the same time in more than 100 countries and will take place between 6 pm to 7:30 pm.

In an announcement to the media, organisers said there was no time to waste.

“We have no other choice. The Republic of Cyprus does not respond to the seriousness that is appropriate to the urgent situation for Global Climate Change and so we are preparing for our third Protest, this time outside the Presidential Palace,” they said.

And they added: ” We only have 11 years to reverse the situation, and this is not at all funny or philosophical rhetoric. It is the tragic reality that our previous generations have bequeathed to us.”

On Cyprus, they said authorities insist on asking for exemptions or end up paying fines rather than implementing European Directives on the protection of the environment.

“We dig our own grave, as scientists predict that temperatures will still rise to an average on 4.5C,” they said.

Scientists say that all countries have to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by 2030, while Cyprus, a country with such an abundance of sunshine, has a reduction target of only 24%.

“We demand the self-evident, clean air and water for us and the next generations.  Our politicians often show that for them the economy and gas are more important than the environment. So let them hold their breath, while counting their money to see how long they survive this way,” they concluded.

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