NewsLocalYoung health professionals in Cyprus are underpaid-Pasydy union

Young health professionals in Cyprus are underpaid-Pasydy union

Hundreds of nurses and health professionals who work under contracts signed with the State Health Services Organization (Okypy) get a salary lower than the one provided for by relevant legislation and regulations.

This is what the island’s public servants union (Pasydy) said on Wednesday, adding that it has already sent a letter to the Okypy and demands correction of the error. In the letter, it is noted that this practice takes place from 2019 till today.

Specifically, Pasysy points out that the problem is two-fold and affects around 500 nurses plus other health professionals.

They should have received, at the time of recruitment, a salary equal to the pre-Health State Services Organisation (Okypy) era by the last nurse – or other health professional – recruited as a civil servant. However, the affected professionals receive a salary below that level.

Secondly, Okypy proceeds with a cut of 10% from these salaries citing another regulation that applies to employees on the original scale. However, since those workers are not at the beginning of a scale but below it, the 10% deduction is not justified, Pasydy also noted.

“We ask you to immediately take the necessary actions for the proper implementation of Regulation 18 of the Civil Service Regulations and Article 10 of the state budget,” Pasydy urged Okypy.

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