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Young children suffering due to COVID-19 measures

Young children who love to play and be social are really suffering due to the COVID-19 measures. Kindergarten teachers speak of an environment deprived of spontaneity. They say that they constantly have to remind children of what to do and what not to do, while parents are standing outside the school fence and are not permitted to enter.  The worst time, they note, is when the children are outside classes or during creative lessons. Children need to play, to touch their friends. Moreover, teaching is limited since it is based on free playing, cooperation and exchange of ideas. Child psychologist Marios Konstantinou, however, noted that the situation is not very serious and that the issue has been dramatized by parents and teachers. He also pointed out that the measures will not have long-term consequences on the children’s psychology, unless the teachers and parents are in a state of constant panic.


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