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Yermasoyia and Kiti dam filled with rubbish (pictures)

Pictures that show rubbish in the Yermasoyia and Kiti dams have become viral on social media.

Yermasoyia mayor Kyriakos Xydias said he was delighted with the overflowing of the dam, noting the huge problems created by the drought of recent years which had pushed stocks to near bottom.

“We are happy because it ensures we will have reserves for the next two to three years,” he told the Cyprus News Agency.

Nevertheless, the overflowing revealed the extent of environmental pollution.

The pictures show large quantities of reeds and rubbish brought down by the strong currents of the last few days.

“Reeds are a product of nature, it is not pollution. Pollution is the rubbish which shows a lack of awareness,” he said.

After consultations, the Water Development Department will manage the reeds, while the municipality will be responsible for anything that ends up in Germasoyia valley.


Pictures posted on the Facebook Group “Weather Enthusiasts of Cyprus” show the pollution in Kiti dam.

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