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Work at the dock of Larnaca Marina expected to be completed before summer

Work to improve the wooden dock of the Larnaca Marina, which among others includes new lights and benches, is expected to be completed before the summer of 2023.

A relevant announcement noted that “the Larnaca Municipality and Kition Ocean Holdings, the Consortium that undertook the project for the Reconstruction of the Larnaca Marina and Port within the framework of an agreement with the Republic of Cyprus activated on April 1, 2022, are informing that the work to improve the town’s wooden dock has begun. The Consortium aims to establish a fully upgraded dock which will be a point of reference for the town.”

Larnaca mayor Andreas Vyras described the beginning of work on the dock as a “historic moment for the town since it officially marks the beginning of Phase A’ of the project to develop the Port and the Marina.”

He added that “with the conservation and highlighting of abandoned lighthouses and of the old crane in the Marina, historical elements will emerge linking the past with the modern way of life in Larnaca.”

Furthermore, Panos Alexandrou, founder of Kition Ocean Holdings said that “among others, the work to upgrade the dock includes new lights and benches and the establishment of a photography museum. Work will take place gradually so as not to disturb people working in the area.”

He added that “vessels docked in the Marina will be moved according to the areas where work will take place.”

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