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Woman accuses parliamentary elections candidate of rape

A woman accused a male candidate in May’s parliamentary elections of raping her 10 years ago and on Thursday made this public in her social media profile.

Adrianna Shelli also posted that she had reported the case to police 15 days ago, according to Philenews. And that the accused has already been called in for questioning.

Shelli also made clear that her intention was not to embarrass the political party he is running with since they are probably unaware of this criminal action.

The reason she came out now, she added, is because she has realised her alleged rape was not the only one by the specific candidate.

“Ten years ago, it was a time of panic and silence since no authority and no society was ready to listen to us,” she also wrote.

“We all have the right to a fair trial and, even if convicted, to a second chance at life. There is no hatred on my part for any person and I ask the same from anyone who chooses to support me or someone else who decides to take the path of justice,” she added.




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