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Wildcat that attacked child arrived by air and went through customs

The authorities are trying to find how the wildcat, a species that is prohibited and protected, arrived in Cyprus. At the same time the animal’s owner has presented various documents at the Larnaca Airport customs which are under the microscope of the various services and of the police.

The fact that the wildcat attacked a three-year-old boy in Limassol, brings back to the surface the issue of importing prohibited animals and the checks that are carried out upon their arrival to Cyprus. According to O Phileleftheros information, the wildcat arrived by air in June 2021 from Moscow at the Larnaca Airport and its owner presented its international passport and various other documents. According to the documents, this is a Savannah cat, category 5 which can be transferred in the EU but not in Cyprus. However, experts said the cat belongs to category 1 or 2 and cannot be transferred in the EU.

Currently the wildcat is with its owner but there are thoughts of transferring it to the Zoo in Limassol or Paphos, while investigations continue about the offences of the owner.

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