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Why rescheduling of AstraZeneca vaccination was delayed

Following inquiries from citizens regarding the rescheduling of appointments for the administration of the 2nd dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, the Ministry of Health informs that text messages are already being sent to citizens, according to the date of the administration of their 1st dose. The delay that occurred in informing the beneficiaries was largely due to the delay, by the manufacturing company, in the delivery of the batch, last week. However, according to the latest update, the delivery has been finalised for the end of the week and, according to the delivery schedule of the company, the quantities that will be received in June are enough to conclude the administration of the 2nd dose to those who have already been vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Specifically, so far, the rescheduling of 12,600 appointments has been finalized, while the rescheduling of another 25,000 appointments that concern the period until June 23 is proceeding, in the following days. The beneficiaries are informed, through the software, by text message. It is noted that in the Vaccination Centres of Polis Chrysochous and Troodos Hospital, the rescheduling has commenced and is being conducted by phone.

It is reminded that the appointments are rescheduled at the same Vaccination Centre where the 1st dose was administered. For example, citizens who were scheduled to receive the 2nd dose on June 13 at the State Fair A’ Vaccination Centre, will be rescheduled for May 31 at the same Centre.

The importance of completing the vaccination regimen according to the vaccine administered to each citizen is emphasized, once again. According to scientific data, the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks, while, as it has been proven in various studies internationally, vaccination provides maximum effectiveness and protection only with the completion of the vaccination regimen.

The improvement in the epidemiological picture of the last few weeks is largely due to the development of our vaccination plan. The positive response of citizens is evidenced by the high rates of vaccination coverage. As of May 25, 50,4% have been vaccinated with the 1st dose (372,696 individuals) and 23,7% have completed their vaccination regimen (175,219 individuals). In order to achieve immunity and shield the population, while reducing the spread of the virus in the community and preventing the spread of mutations, vaccination needs to proceed at the same intensive rate.


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