InsiderBusinessWhich Cyprus Airways flights will be affected by Thursday's general strike?

Which Cyprus Airways flights will be affected by Thursday’s general strike?

Cyprus Airways announced how the general strike over CoLA on Thursday, January 26 will affect its flight schedule.

The company said that it will be changing the following flight times on the day as follows to make sure all passengers can get to their destination on the planned day of travel:

Flight Number Destination New Timings Note
CY310 Larnaca -Athens 0640-0820 30min earlier
CY311 Athens – Larnaca 0910-1045 30min earlier
CY110 Larnaca – Tel Aviv 1140-1240 30min earlier
CY111 Tel Aviv -Larnaca 1410-1510 No Change
CY414 Larnaca – Yerevan 0640-1140 No Change
CY415 Yerevan – Larnaca 1350-1510 1hr 10min delay
CY120 Larnaca – Beirut 1700-1750 1hr delay
CY121 Beirut- Larnaca 1850-1935 1hr delay
CY312 Larnaca -Athens 2025-2205 1hr delay
CY313 Athens – Larnaca 2255-0030* 1hr delay
CY340 Larnaca – Rome 1640-1900 1hr 30min delay
CY341 Rome – Larnaca 2000-2359 1hr 30min delay

All times are local timings. * – Next day.

Passengers, scheduled to travel on these flights, are requested to be at the airport at least two hours before the flight. 

“These changes are being done to minimise as much as possible disruptions to passengers and make sure all passengers can reach their destination the same day,” the company said.

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