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Where do Cypriots prefer to travel?

Unsurprisingly, the most popular travel destination in the EU for Cypriot residents is Greece, Eurostat figures show.

In 2016, 21.1% of Cypriot residents who travelled, went to Greece. There, they spent 6.7 nights on average and contributed €103 per night to the Greek economy.

Again unsurprisingly, the second most popular destination for Cypriots was the United Kingdom. 20.5% of Cypriots who travelled in 2016 went to the UK. There they stayed for 16.1 nights on average and spent €74 per night.

The third most popular destination was Russia, as 4.9% of Cypriot residents who travelled in 2016 chose to visit the country. There they stayed for 14.4 nights on average and spent €75 per night.

However, all in all, the most popular destination for Cypriot residents in 2016 was… Cyprus as 22.3% reported taking a trip in the country, staying 2.8 nights on average and spending €83 per night.

In 2016, 31% of Cypriot residents surveyed by Eurostat said they did not travel at all. More than half (56.7%) cited financial reasons, 22.3% cited health reasons, 17.9% cited family commitments, 12.6% cited health or study commitments, 7.7% said they had no motivation to travel and 15.1% cited ‘other’ reasons.

Who visited Cyprus?

Eurostat’s findings about where Cyprus draws its biggest sources of tourism also come as no surprise.

In 2016, 35% of people who visited Cyprus were residents of the United Kingdom. British people stayed for 11.5 nights on average in Cyprus and spent €64 euro per night.

Russians were in second place with 27.9% and Germans in third with 5.5%, although Eurostat did not provide figures about how many nights and the amount of money they spent in Cyprus.

Find Eurostat’s interactive graph here.


The top three EU countries for European tourists visited in 2016 (measured by number of nights spent) were Spain (20.3%), Italy (12.6%) and France (11.9%).

One in four personal trips were made by Europeans in July and August, while September was the month when most business trips were made.

Motor vehicles (private or rented) were the main means of transport for 64.1 % of all trips, followed by air and railway transport (16.0 % and 11.3 %, respectively, see Figure 4). Other modes of transport were relatively insignificant, though the pattern can be very different at country level. Waterways were the main means of transport for 39.4 % of trips that residents of Malta made and 19.0 % of trips made by Greek residents, while in Romania residents took buses for 20.5 % of their trips.

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